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Your Device Portable OLED” is visible on an image of a man standing under an arch-type, gigantic rock with a galaxy as a background image.

Your Device

Portable OLED

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Stunning View Anywhere

You can connect the portable display to various devices such as smartphones and laptops to enjoy your desired content in the highest quality wherever you are.

The image shows five cases of using portable OLED devices without limitation of location - entertainment, education, information, leisure sports, and business.

Now Playing Everywhere
Beyond The Classroom
Enlarge The World
Take Fun Outdoors
Workplace Anywhere

This scene compares the display quality of a laptop on the left with a portable LCD monitor on the right, followed by a switch to an OLED image on the LCD screen, which demonstrates that the image quality of the portable OLED is equivalent to that of the laptop OLED.

Laptop OLED

Portable Monitor LCD

Portable Monitor OLED

A boy is watching a movie with a portable display in a dark room, and there is a graph showing the blue light reduction rate between the device and the boy.

background image background image
  • blue-light graph blue-light graph
  • blue-light graph blue-light graph

Harmful Blue Lightless than


Five people of different ages using portable devices are displayed one after the other to inform viewers portable device's thin design and lightweight.

Thin, Light, Tons of Might.

Compared to LCDs of the same size, PORTABLE OLEDs are 50% lighter and 34% thinner.
Users can enjoy high quality, outstanding contrast ratio and vibrant, vivid colors anywhere.

The last part of portable OLED, showing a portable OLED device placed on top of the desk and a man configuring a laptop and a smartphone linked to the OLED device.

Wonders from Portable OLED

Samsung Portable OLED expands lifestyle.
Experience thinner, lighter, and high-resolution SAMSUNG Portable OLEDs to pursue your passions and elevate your entertainment.

At the bottom, you can see cutting-edge Portable devices of three commercial brands with Samsung OLED panels placed side by side.

You can take a look of Samsung OLEDS in 3 branded products.